Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Girls, Kilos and Husbands!

Girls, Kilos and Husbands? If you are still wondering and trying to unravel the topic let me tell you that I find a very close connection between these three entities in all its entirety.

Ever imagine a girl who doesn’t think about how much she weighs each day…how many calories has she added to her by eating that oily, faty weight multiplier and than starts the exhaustive exercise of creating a extensive weight reduction plan. This planning may even shame the Mossad and the most religious gurus in the sincerity.

Husbands, or Hi pots as I would like to call them as in High potentials (or low potentials as you would like o call them). Its really interesting how these creation of God are looked upon by their female counterparts. The definitions are far beyond reality cause they somehow don’t seem to be realistic names like Hellboy, Draculla, so and so forth. The fact that the parents plotting against them is too much of a fact for them to fathom and they seem to suddenly hate growing old as someone said I don’t want to go beyond 22 (it could be even less than some lucky ones)

All being said the truth here is that, there comes a moment when these two entities come together as broken parts of a matrix inevitably to be a strong bond. Its really interesting to see how these two are used as deterrents or otherwise against each other. There has been few great discoveries done by some of our smartest female species…A kilo a day keeps the husbands away…now what do you say about that. This for sure works the other way round too. I know of some friends who have spent hours loosing the fat, though it doesn’t take hours to gain it, plenty of chocolates, cheese and anything that has lots of fat in it.

As the Kilos and Husbands have their own way, life goes on and eventually either one wins or both wins. Its now left to la femella to take it in its stride and for us too make it easy for them…

P.S. I consider la femella in high regards and the write up is not intended to make pun but to appreciate the dedication and focus to live the dream.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Believe it or not!

'Superstition', isnt that something that is related to all or most of us in some way...good omen...bad cats...crows...

Hum ko na pata ki cheese aisi bhi hoti hein...
Bharosa karen to heran, na karen to pareshan....

So as I go ahead with my second dare I want to tell you about something which I experienced very recently...we were hunting to buy a piece of land for sometime...and as luck had it...we did find one good place...

As superstitious or believers in God that you, me and my mom were, so we went straight to this astrologer to see if the place was good to buy...When we reached his place there were a few people waiting outside for their turn and one of them was a Muslim lady...she should have been close to 60 or just crossed it...but she was there waiting for her turn to consult the astrologer...did I say consult the that was a shocker for me...I had heard stories of Muslims doing Hindu rituals but I saw it for real today...

Finally her turn came and she was in with the astrologer...Now this astrologer had an open door everyone can listen to his consultation including the people waiting for their turn....

The doctor had an awesome combination of anecdotes with his consultation so he was an entertainer too…now guess what the lady was there for…her grandson had been sick for more than a month and was not getting well…so her last resort was the astrologer…and he did give her, some convincing resolutions…The lady seemed happy and content about her decision to meet the astrologer. I’m glad he didn’t ask her to stop the medicine.

But the punch was yet to come, as they were going through their departing ritual and clearing there financial obligations….the lady took her balance from the astrologer and her parting words were ‘Please don’t mind about the change, I have been coming to your place since the last 40 years’…Now this statement left me with a thought so strong that I’m still wondering is it superstition or a gradual belief building within us that we want to depend upon!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Life did a 180 on me!

I'm still wondering where to start, its been almost good two years that I thought I should try a dare like this but I guess it was supposed to be today and one more reason for it could be the whole environment around globally, locally, inside and outside of me!

All our life we are trying to accommodate for that one moment, where we have achieved most of everything in our life and than do we finally get to the moment? I will leave that for you guys to answer.

Anyways I'm not here to tell you what is right or wrong because I have realised that in this world everything is right and wrong, depends how one sees it...See you have already started judging the statement.

I will not say I have reached the self actualisation stage but for sure I have realised that life is a 'Trip', like the one you have once you are all smoked up. And anybody who lives it like a Trip is always happy, will live longer and be happiest.

I grew up in the northern part of India in a small town called Roorkee, in the foothills of Himalaya. It wasn't serene as you might imagine but it was for sure a nice quite place where few professors, students, army men and industrialists lived happily.

I used to cycle my way to n fro, in front of the University of Roorkee a.k.a. IIT Roorkee and it always pulled me towards it as a magnet to get in and become a scholar like all the other students whom I used to pass by daily on my way to school. The feeling was great but I never made it through, which is the reality and instead I ended up thousands of kilometers away in God's own country in my pursuit of becoming a scholar and trust me it was a paradigm shift for me as my life did a 180 on me.

Suddenly I was in this land of temples, serenity and peace. I found it difficult to fit into this environment, but I did and I felt I became 'Me'. The 4 years in Kerala changed me a lot, I learned to explore 'myself' within me from only a sportsman I became a photographer, dancer, public speaker and theatre artist. Maybe I could have done the same elsewhere but guess I wouldn't have got an opportunity to connect to the other side of me. The feeling of 'me' was a an achievement.

"Soldier boy, made of clay,
Now an empty shell,
Twenty one, only son,
But he served us well,
Bred to kill, not to care,
Do just as we say,
Finished here, greeting death,
He's yours to take away."....Metallica sung in "Disposable Heros